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Census 2020

The Census is used to allocate over $675 Billion - that's $675,000,000,000.00 - in Federal funding to every community in the United States. Blair County only receives its full share if every person is counted in the Census. Find out more about the census by clicking above - it plays a large role in funding our roads, schools, health care, libraries, housing, prisons, parks, and so much more. Just as importantly, the Census is the Constitutionally-designated tool to determine how many representatives each state gets in Congress. If we're under-counted, we're under-represented. Also, under Title 13 of the United States Code, your personal information is completely confidential by law. It cannot be given to anyone for any reason.

Census Confidentiality.jpg

Blair Planning has invested considerable time in preparing for the 2020 Census:

Local Update of Census Addresses

With this program, we partnered with the Census Bureau to update the addresses throughout the County to ensure each person is counted where they should be counted and the the addresses the Census has on record are valid.

Boundary & Annexation Survey

This is an annual update of municipal boundaries that has been consolidated to one entry at Blair Planning.

New Construction Update

This is a follow-up to the address update to get any last-minute new units onto the address rolls to ensure new residents are counted in the Census.

Complete Count Committee

Blair Planning created a Complete Count Committee in 2019 to conduct outreach and promotion of the Census locally.

Participant Statistical Areas Program

The PSAP is an opportunity to adjust statistical boundaries within the county. These include Census Tracts and Block Group boundaries, as well as identifying any Census Designated Places. Census Designated Places in local parlance would be called villages, such as Tipton, Curryville, or Claysburg. We have identified nearly eight dozen Census Designated Places for the 2020 Census.

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