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Canoe Creek Solar Power Study

In 2017, Blair Planning worked with the PennState Sustainable Communities Collaborative and instructor Jeffrey Brownson to study the potential of converting the power source in the park to solar energy.  The instructor engaged a team of students from a two-semester undergraduate capstone class to undertake a study and report on the potential of solar power in the park.

The students, Nicholas Appling, Yewon Jang, and Doug Devitt, identified the feasible installations of a photovoltaic system within the park. These include the driveway and walkway lighting as well as the power needs of all the buildings within the park. The possible exception is the sewer treatment facility, which will need further consideration by the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

The project is slated to be integrated into the strategic plan for the park as part of the State's ongoing efforts to update and maintain the park system. Solar power will reduce the utility costs for the park, and serve as a pilot for other public-sector solar projects in Blair County.

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