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Blair County Government Advisory Committee

(a.k.a Blair County Council of Governments)

The Blair County Government Advisory Committee meets on an as needed basis with notice given in the Altoona Mirror and this page. Meetings are held in a location appropriate for the number of people expected and in accordance with the agenda topics to be discussed.

March 21, 2022

Blair County Planning Commission

The Blair County Planning Commission meets on a monthly schedule, which is published annually in the Altoona Mirror. Individual meeting announcements are also posted on this page. The 2021 Blair County Planning Commission meetings will be held at the Altoona Water Authority Building, 900 Chestnut Avenue, Altoona, Pennsylvania at 8:30 AM on the last Thursday of the Month, except the November and December meetings are combined and held the second Thursday of December at 4:30 at the Educator's Café, 1500 Fourth Avenue, Altoona, Pennsylvania.

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