Strategic Plan

Blair Planning is the umbrella framework under which function the Blair County Planning Commission and the Altoona  Metropolitan Planning Organization.  Blair Planning is uniquely structured.  It is a joint county-municipal organization formed and supported by the county and its 24½ municipalities.

Blair Planning desires to reconsider its structure.  Over time, many original organizing documents have been lost, and the organization is not confident its structure meets current legal statutes.  Also, the organization desires to establish a structure and funding formula that will be most effective to accomplish its mission.

Along with restructuring, Blair Planning desires to optimize staff capacity, board and staff roles and relationships, the organization’s relationships with the county, municipalities, and the public, and the ability to maintain focus on priority work activities.

Denny Puko, Planning Consultant, will facilitate a strategic plan process to address the above matters and produce a plan document as a final deliverable.

In addressing the above matters, the strategic plan will begin by revisiting Blair Planning’s mission and values.  Questions about what structure the organization should have or how much staff should there be are driven by what the organization aims to accomplish and what value it aims to deliver to its clients.

The core work of the strategic plan will occur via “team” work sessions with Blair Planning’s board, municipal, and staff leadership.  The consultant will facilitate work sessions to be interactive, open-minded, and creative.  Work sessions will generate ideas for the matters in question and seek a consensus on outcomes.  The proposal identifies anticipated matters for work sessions, but each work session will be planned in advance with the Blair County planning director and tailored to address matters as they “organically” evolve through the strategic plan process.

Work Session One will focus on Blair Planning's current mission, clients, and values including priority matters to be included in the Strategic Plan - structure, funding, staff, roles, relationships, and work focus. This session is scheduled for August 10th at 10AM at the Hoss's in Duncansville.

Work Session Two will focus on the organization's structure including authorization, placement, representation, and funding. This session is scheduled for August 31st at 10AM at the Hoss's in Duncansville.

Work Session Three will focus on staff capacity, number of staff, expertise, compensation packages, roles and relationships for boards and staff, maximizing participation, and minimizing 'brush fire' issues that distract from priorities. This session is scheduled for September 21st at 10AM at the Hoss's in Altoona.

A Presentation Session will be held on October 26 at 11:30 AM at the Altoona Hoss's to present the final plan document, go over the elements, and move into the implementation phase of the project. The plan will also be discussed at the regular planning commission meeting on October 29th.

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