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Our Duties & Responsibilities

 Blair Planning has the following four primary duties. (For a full list of what we do please                      .)

1. Countywide Planning. This includes many topical areas including the Comprehensive Plan, Hazard Mitigation Plan, Storm Water Management, general research and development, and such.

2. Municipal Planning. We conduct reviews of all MPC-related developments in the county as well as any proposed land-based ordinances and planning efforts. We assist our municipalities as needed.

3. Transportation. We are the designated plannining organization for the Altoona metro area. As such, we develop the planning and programming for all federally-funded surface transportation projects in the county.

4. Health. We have undertaken a mission to include health in all our policies and decisions to improve the quality of life and health for all. The focus is on the built environment, but reaches much wider.

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